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A talking word processor with a simple interface that can be adapted to suit the user
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Azam audio recording and voice e-mail
Voice recording software that allows for sound attachments for e-mails and other documents.
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BAT Chord Keyboard
The BAT chording system has seven keys which can be reached without the hand moving.
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Dolphin Publisher
Digital authoring package for the creation of multimedia content linking text, audio and images in Daisy format.
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EasyConverter (Easy Converter)
Takes paper or electronic documents and converts them to alternative formats that are accessible.
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EasyProducer v2.02
Word documents can be produced to include text, graphics and audio using the Daisy format with EaseReader for speech output.
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EasyReader for Daisy format
Digital Talking Book player with the option of reading text and listening to audio independently as the audio is played.
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Joggle Switch
Pressure switches that can be adapted to suit the user and come in many sizes
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Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard
This keyboard fits the shape of hands and the different lengths of fingers to reduce movement and tension. Split design eliminates wrist twist and allows a central number cluster which can be used by right or left hand as preferred.
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Maltron Dual Hand Flat (2D) Keyboard
The 2D flat two-handed keyboard has a similar layout to other dual handed Maltron keyboards but with less curves.
View Maltron Dual Hand Flat (2D) Keyboard products
Maltron keyboard carry case
This keyboard carry case has been specially made to take the unusual shaped Maltron keyboards with or without a trackball.
View Maltron keyboard carry case products
Maltron keyboard with trackball
This keyboard is similar to other curved Maltron keyboards with specialist key positions plus the addition of a trackball.
View Maltron keyboard with trackball products
Maltron Single finger or Head/Mouth stick keyboard
This is a small curved keyboard has a special key arrangement to minimise finger or stick activity by reducing distances between certain letter and function key combinations.
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Word prediction designed to support writing in a word processor or other text based application.
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SuperNova Access Suite (SuperNova 13)
Combined magnification, screen reading and Braille output for Windows
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SuperNova Magnifier (formerly Lunar)
This software is similar to LunarPlus but without the text-to-speech and provides incremental and fractional 2x to 60x magnification.
View SuperNova Magnifier (formerly Lunar) products
SuperNova Reader Magnifier (formerly LunarPlus)
Incremental and fractional magnification levels from 2 times to 60 times with speech.
View SuperNova Reader Magnifier (formerly LunarPlus) products
SuperNova Screen Reader (formerly Hal)
Screen reader that works with braille displays and has the option of 18 foreign languages.
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