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Communication: Mobile Device Accessories
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GBP indicative price is £298.8 Connect for iPad
Sleek outer casing to the Apple iPad that offers Hifi stereo amplified sound and wireless plus wired connections
Connect for iPad
GBP indicative price is £234 iAdapter case for iPads
2 protective cases for each version of the iPad with speakers
iAdapter case for iPads
GBP indicative price is £598.8 kReader Mobile
Software packages that run on mobile phones for reading documents on the move.
kReader Mobile
GBP indicative price is £156 Mobile Magnifier and Mobile Speak
Screen magnification and speech output for mobile phones with auto scroll, colour options and text enhancement.
Mobile Magnifier and Mobile Speak
Control software offering various different methods for accessing smart phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs).
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GBP indicative price is £42 Nokia LPS-4 Mobile Inductive Loopset
Neck loop system for hearing aid users of mobile phones with built in microphone.
Nokia LPS-4 Mobile Inductive Loopset
GBP indicative price is £176.17 Nuance TALKS
Symbian Series 60 or 80 mobile phone screen reading software with add -on features.
Nuance TALKS
GBP indicative price is £22.74 T-Link Hands free kits for mobile phones
The T-link inductive hands free kit allows a digital mobile phone to be used with the 'T' facility on a hearing aid.
T-Link Hands free kits for mobile phones

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