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Communication: Communication Aids (Small)
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GBP indicative price is £2994 NOVA chat 7
Communication aid based on an Android tablet using SymbolStix or PCS
NOVA chat 7
GBP indicative price is £3200 Say-it! Sam SM1Communicator
Portable touch screen tablet communication aid with long life batteries and a choice of vocabularies.
Say-it! Sam SM1Communicator
GBP indicative price is £5880 Tellus Mobi 2
12 inch touch screen, portable communication aid based on a Windows 7 tablet that has mobile phone connectivity
Tellus Mobi 2
GBP indicative price is £2642.55 Tellus Smart II
Palm-sized portable communication aid running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 with communication software
Tellus Smart II
GBP indicative price is £1800 TouchSpeak and TypeSpeak communication aid
Portable communication aid using the latest Windows hand-held systems including mobile phones.
TouchSpeak and TypeSpeak communication aid
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GBP indicative price is £2370 Typeassist (10 or 7 inch screen)
Portable touch screen speech output system with word prediction
Typeassist (10 or 7 inch screen)

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