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Word prediction designed to support writing in a word processor or other text based application.
Developed to help those with mobility and dexterity difficulties to type faster and also to help those with dyslexia who find spelling difficult but can recognise words when they are typed correctly or with speech output if this is available. With text to speech the program can also help those with communication difficulties.
This software provides prediction at a very early stage with up to 30 words on show and help when homophones are used with definitions. As words are typed, ProtoType can also be set to highlight spelling errors, capitalise words, replace common spelling mistakes and expand abbreviations.

It works alongside most Windows applications with any text to speech system, but can also used to form part of the Sensory Software Access and Communication Suite. Many different user profiles can be stored, each with its own complete set of dictionaries, exception tables, homophone lists etc. There is access to many languages and use of graphic symbols to identify correct words.
System Requirements

Windows '95 or above inc Vista

Indicative Price
(GBP) £85.20
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