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Touch Here V2 mouse movement program
Company:Sensory Software International Ltd.
Web Address:
  Image of Touch Here V2 mouse movement program
Touch Here V2 mouse movement program
Description:Provides visual stimulation on-screen when the mouse is moved.
Purpose:Touch Here focuses on the needs of those with profound and multiple disabilities and helps encourage mouse control. It has been specifically designed to provide visual stimulation as users move a mouse pointer around the screen.
Features:The program works well with a touch-screen or mouse. A number of visually striking options can be configured for a user’s colour preferences.

Originally designed for children but suitable for adults and it is possible to use Touch Here Too V2 with IntelliKeys support - the program has direct support for the IntelliKeys Classic and IntelliKeys USB keyboards. It programmes the board directly and/or comes with ready made overlays.
System Requirements:Windows '95 or later
Indicative Price:£34.81
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