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Traxsys Roller Plus Joystick
  Image of Traxsys Roller Plus Joystick
Traxsys Roller Plus Joystick
Description:Joystick with a T-Bar and Soft Knob plus combined USB/PS2 connection for use with Windows or Macintosh
Purpose:Designed for those who find it hard to use a mouse due to dexterity and/or mobility difficulties. The guard has been provided to prevent the buttons being pressed accidentally.
Features:This joystick, which can have various tops with hold and drag on all models but the method of coping with this strategy may slightly different depending on the requirements. Additional buttons allow for slowing down the pointer speed relative to movement of stick

There is an optional guard. A T-Bar and Soft Knob are supplied with each joystick
System Requirements:Windows '98 or later and Mac OS 10 or later. No additional software required
Indicative Price:£354.00
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Skills Required
Memory 2 
Tactile 2 
Visual  3
Level 1 - Minimal skill required
Level 2 - Moderate skill required
Level 3 - Good skill required

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Rating: 1.96 out of 5
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