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3M Ergonomic joystick mouse
Company:3M United Kingdom PLC
Web Address:
  Image of 3M Ergonomic joystick mouse
3M Ergonomic joystick mouse
Description:This is a small joystick mouse for a right handed person - there are no left handed models as yet.
Purpose:It is light weight and easy to use helping those with RSI as the hand remains vertical, but may not suit those using CAD techniques.
Features:The mouse button is on the top of the stumpy stalk and is operated by the thumb. The palm width measurement denotes which stalk to choose and it may take time to get used to the different positioning of the hand when navigating the desktop. Order small for a hand width up to 90mm, otherwise large.

There are different versions for Mac, wired and wireless versions and the small style pictured. Prices vary according to the type.
Dimensions:Small version 13.5 by 13.5 by 13.5 cm ; 227 g
Indicative Price:£64.86
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Beating RSI - using a 3M joystick mouse and flat keyboard.

  3M Ergonomic joystick mouse
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Tactile 2 
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