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Labels Self Adhesive
Image of Labels Self Adhesive
Various sized labels suitable for brailling from 1 to 4 lines and hand written text.
These are designed for labelling most household items, note books, files and other items. There are the individual labels and the sheets of plastic labels available.
The labels can be printed with manual / handheld braillers or hand written with felt tip pens. The DL 60 and DL 61 cannot be used in a Perkins Brailler unless they are cut down. Prices range from £2.76 to £4.64. Similar labels in black or clear plastic are also available in A4 sheets as pictured, costing £6.46 per sheet and they can be cut to size
DL66 - Labels, Pack of 100, 50 x 75mm; DL67 - Labels, Pack of 10, 21 x 29.7mm; DL11 - Labels, 282 x 292mm
Indicative Price
(GBP) £3.90
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