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Infraport infrared listening system SET 830TV
Image of Infraport infrared listening system SET 830TV
Infraport infrared listening system SET 830TV
Portable listening system that works in rooms around 60m square with a range of around 12m
This system is easy to use and does not require a great deal of dexterity for example to recharge, simply place the headphones on the transmitter and the volume control is a large dial. Suitable for severe hearing loss.
The cordless Infraport stethoset receivers are powered by a rechargeable battery and have right/left balance control for up to 125dB. Sound is transmitted to the receiver by a mains-powered transmitter with a microphone which is located near the sound source. Can be used with direct connection to television, radio or hi-fi with12 hours operating time and 3 hours charging time.

There is a choice of the under-chin stetoclip receiver shown for non-hearing aid users or a neckloop receiver for people with hearing aids fitted with a 'T' switch. There are many accessories that go with these systems so please check for the correct fittings.
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