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ABA Flash Cards app
Image of ABA Flash Cards app
ABA Flash Cards app
Wide selection of iPhone or iPod picture flashcards with US audio and text.
Designed to encourage communication for younger users but the pictures are so clear and the text a good size that they may in some cases suit older users. Suitable for those with learning disabilities or brain injury affecting comprehension and language.
Developed for educational use these flash cards work on a touch and listen system. The company offer very high quality pictures and photos but as they have been developed in USA they may not suit all environments and the voice used is American. Cards can be shuffled, the voice can be turned off as can the sound as you move from card to card or finish a pack.

The range available is enormous from animal sounds to actions and functions and many are free or available for a small price. They have been designed for the iPhone or iPod but will work on an iPad.
System Requirements

iOS 3.2 or later - Device: iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod touch (2nd generation or later), iPad but as an iPhone size. Download all the apps from iTunes

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