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Mulberry symbol set
Company:Paxtoncrafts Charitable Trust
Web Address:
  Image of Mulberry symbol set
Mulberry symbol set
Description:Online open content symbol set for communication aids
Purpose:This is a mainly noun based set of pictures that are peer reviewed and suitable for all those who have difficulty communicating.
Features:It is possible to download the pictures and use them as required for a chart or as labels for items. There are basic pictures of symbols for over 6,000 nouns and some verbs. The outlines are strong and content is easy to understand. Templates can be made for communication aids. All the pictures are checked by a community of peer reviewers before they are released
System Requirements:Windows, Mac and Linux - All operating systems as these symbols are viewed via a browser and available online under a creative commons licence. Http://
Freeware version available
Open Source version available
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