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OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick
Image of OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick
OPTIMAX Wireless Joystick
Various joysticks with wireless connection over 10 metres and colour coded buttons.
These joysticks have been designed specifically for those with dexterity and mobility difficulties. The Optimax has the added benefit of being wireless with two switch access sockets.
Large easy to use joysticks on a sturdy base with three buttons - left and right mouse control and a drag lock button. The sloping area behind the joystick is large enough to act as a wrist rest. The response rate is good and the Optimax can be used away from the desktop. It has a battery life of up to 6 months
System Requirements

Windows 'XP or later and Mac OS 10 or later - wireless receiver with 10 metre range.

Indicative Price
(GBP) £270.00
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