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Grid Player (GridPlayer) app
Image of Grid Player (GridPlayer) app
Grid Player (GridPlayer) app
Communication software for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Papoo communication aid
Designed for communication on the move, suitable for anyone with speech and language difficulties but with some dexterity skills. The software can be programmed to suit the user with text, pictorial or symbol vocabularies.
This app is used with touch screen iOS sytems. Once downloaded via iTunes it is possible to link to Grids set up online or to use those available with the app. These are Symbol Talker A and B or Text Talker using the keyboard grid with word prediction. The messages can be spoken out immediately or stored for use later. Symbols can be used to build up phrases in the same way when linked to Grid 2 on the PC.

New Grids can be designed on a PC running The Grid, and then downloaded onto the mobile system. It is possible to choose the number of cells to display and their content.
System Requirements

iOS 4 for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Papoo - download

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