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Free communication software for switch access with text to speech voice output for symbols, letters and words etc.
Designed by the developer for his daughter who has severe mobility, dexterity and speech and language difficulties. It can be used with symbols, text, pictures or an onscreen keyboard from single switch operation, keyboard and touch screen access along with mouse keys access.
This is a Windows based augmentative communication system that has been built around scanning and pausing on chosen elements. Symbols can be used from Mayer Johnson, Makaton, Bliss, PCS etc software programs. User specific vocabularies can be saved into categories set up within the empty database supplied. The text to speech uses Microsoft SAPI 4 or 5 compatible speech engines.

It is possible to import any number graphic file types for the pictures or symbols in order to generate a theme or category as part of the database that drives the output.

pVoice 2.2 is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

This program is no longer supported but available from Softpedia
System Requirements

Windows '98 or later - Download from Softpedia with no support since 2007

Freeware Version
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