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NextUp Talker
Image of NextUp Talker
NextUp Talker
Offers text to speech for predefined messages and stored text as well as text that is typed during a conversation.
Designed to help those who have temporarily lost their voice or are having difficulty with conversations but can use a laptop or computer to type or have help creating text. It is not designed as a full-blown communication device as it does not have word prediction or any macros for speeding up the process.
The software requires either an input-device and on-screen keyboard or keyboard use. It can store preset typed sentences or messages as well as recorded digital speech. These are activated from the screen during conversations. Messages can also be typed at the time and there is an abbreviation editor for short forms to increase typing speed.

The program uses any of the speech engines on the computer but comes with one female and one male voice from the AT & T, Neospeech or Ceptral voices available on the website.
System Requirements

Windows 'XP or later inc Windows 7

Indicative Price
(USD) $99.95
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