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CrazyTalk 6 (Crazy Talk 6)
Image of CrazyTalk 6  (Crazy Talk 6)
CrazyTalk 6 (Crazy Talk 6)
3D photo morphing Facetrix technology working with synchronised audio to produce animated faces.
This software has not been designed with a view to encourage communication or correct pronunciation, but it could well enhance speech and language work with those who find it hard to show emotions or have difficulty speaking accurately.
What might appear complex to use is in fact very easy. A photograph of a person or any digital image can be used or the templates provided to make a moving picture that talks. Expressix, analyses the audio of the talking messages and provides lip synchronisation between the person and the audio. All aspects of the facial expression can be changed as well as head positions etc. It is possible to introduce emotions with increased facial expression

There are so many uses for creative work with this program and there is full UK support with educational prices. Animated tutorials are available from the developers. There are several versions of the software for use on the computer, webpages and Skype. A demo version can be downloaded - Prices vary.
System Requirements

Windows XP or later in Windows 7

Indicative Price
(GBP) £25.58
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