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Zero Tension Mouse
Image of Zero Tension Mouse
Zero Tension Mousedddd
Joystick type ergonomic mouse with thumb scroll wheel control for right handed users only.
The hand is held with the forearm in a comfortable position. There is no twisting at the wrist which can be painful for those who have strain injuries such as RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
The hand grips the mouse in a similar fashion to using a joystick with the scroll wheel at the top of the stick for thumb control and the two buttons on the inner side facing the body. These buttons are controlled by the index and middle fingers curled round for left and right clicks.

The whole casing of the mouse is translucent blue plastic with a moulded rest and is not the easiest to move across the desk so needs to be set up in a comfortable position. It appears large but is easy to hold although it may take some getting used to if a person has never used a joystick. At present available on-line from the developers
Height 11.4 cm by width 8.6 cm by depth 14.2 cm. The mouse currently comes in both medium and large. The medium fits most small to medium size hands.
System Requirements

Windows '98 or later and Mac OS 8.6 or later with Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. It does not work with a PS/2 USB connector.

Indicative Price
(USD) $55.00
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