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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
Image of Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
Dome shaped ergonomic mouse with thumb groove and scroll wheel control for right handed users only.
The hand is held at an angle with the thumb firmly in the scooped area giving the palm of the hand support. The right hand first finger can be used for the scroll wheel. Suits the larger hand. Designed to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
This smooth mouse offers a comfortable position for right handed users and has one button access to the Windows 8 start screen at the top of the mouse as well as a back button. The 4 way scroll wheel offers fast page scrolling and other document manipulation actions. The dome is quite high and really helps those with a large hand. Sadly it does not offer Mac users any of the helpful button access but it will work.

Uses 2 AA batteries and USB transceiver for wireless.
74.9 by 98.2mm 299grams
System Requirements

Windows 7/8 or later in RT Needs USB connection for the transceiver

Indicative Price
(GBP) £27.99
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