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EasiTrax Joystick (Easy Trax)
Image of EasiTrax Joystick (Easy Trax)
EasiTrax Joystick (Easy Trax)
Small joystick set into a solid surround with a central, left and right mouse button.
This solid feeling joystick is designed to help those with stiff hands and fingers and poor dexterity. It is a very neat design with a comfortable area for resting the palm of the hand and was short listed at Bett 2006 for an award.
The joystick can be used by the finger tips to control the cursor. There are speed controls, scroll, latching and drag. All these options can be set by using one or a combination of the three buttons. So for instance if the left button is clicked it will act as a normal mouse but if it is held down a light shows beneath the button indicating it is in latch mode. Press the button again and it returns to normal and the same applies to the right hand mouse.

The middle button acts as a scroll wheel and can be controlled by the joystick. The light indicates when scroll function is on and with the collection of buttons being used to slow or speed up the cursor several lights appear beneath the case.
System Requirements

Windows 'XP or later. USB with PS2 adaptor

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(GBP) £152.40
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