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Dwell Clicker 2
Image of Dwell Clicker 2
Dwell Clicker 2
Dwell click software offers users the ability to use mouse buttons with a single action in-put device such as a headpointer.
This software has been designed for those who can navigate around the screen with an in-put device such as a mouse but are unable to click the buttons. It suits those with some mobility and dexterity difficulties who may be using a headpointer, glidepad or joystick type device. .
The software acts by allowing the user to pause for a period over a chosen object and for a menu or action to take place at the end of the time. With Dwell Clicker it is possible to help those who find it hard to maintain a stable position on the screen with a pointer or cursor by choosing the size of the target area so that small objects can be clicked on as a result of 'dwelling' around that area. The amount of time allowed for the dwell period can be set to suit the user and actions can be accompanied by sound if required.

The menu bar for Dwell Clicker can be moved around the screen and the settings are accessible in a single window. The software is a free download from Sensory Software.
System Requirements

Windows 7/8 Dwell Clicker 2 can be downloaded for free. For the first 30 days, the full version is available.

Indicative Price
(USD) $11.99
Freeware Version
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