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WordPower communication vocabularies
Image of WordPower communication vocabularies
WordPower communication vocabularies
WordPower works with the Grid as part of the sets of vocabulary available including Adult Dynamic Vocabulary.
This section of the Grid vocabulary collection used on communication aids is specifically designed for those who who can use text and the alphabet for written and spoken vocabulary rather than symbols.
WordPower has a small core set of words most commonly used which are easy to reach and then progress to more complex vocabularies. As choices are made the grid adapts even to the extent of offering grammatical endings. There are two versions, one that can be used with direct selection and the other is used with switch scanning. The program also includes special screens for controlling other Windows software, with speed text creation that can be used for writing as well as talking. This program is available on several device types and when combined with the Grid forms a comprehensive communication system. The price includes the cost of the Grid with its on-screen keyboard and the sets can be integrated with Clicker
Windows '7 upwards or Tablet PC
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(GBP) £324.00
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