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Voice Pad
Image of Voice Pad
Voice Pad
Descriptive labels recorded and then spoken back when the play button is pressed.
Talking Labels can be used for a wide range of applications for those who are blind or partially sighted or those who would benefit from the use of recorded messages to identify objects or leave greeting card messages
Similar shaped items can cause problems for those who are blind or partially sighted and these small labels can provide the solution for identifying most objects. A descriptive message is recorded, the label is fixed to the object, with a press of a button on the recorder the message is relayed. It is possible to record a 10-second voice message for playing back.

The manufacture also sells Talking Tins, which are tops for food items with a small recorder button that is pressed to say the pre- recorded message, and minute recorders for making and receiving messages in cards.
80 by 55 by 5mm
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(GBP) £5.10
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