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Point-It! PC Joystick wireless or USB ( PointIT )
Image of Point-It! PC Joystick  wireless or USB  ( PointIT )
Point-It! PC Joystick wireless or USB ( PointIT )
A compact PS2 or USB compatible joystick for use as an alternative to mouse input.
These mini joysticks have been designed for those who have mobility and dexterity difficulties. The knob can be a standard shape or tapered or even a ball to suit the individual preferences. There is a USB wireless version that offers more flexibility in placement (£980) along with computer access, links to environmental controls etc. Please ask QED for further details
It gives what is described as "smooth accurate proportional control of a Windows mouse pointer". The device has fixings in its base so that it can be attached to a Universal Mounting System and positioned for chin control or set up beside a keyboard or on a tray.

The joystick is a non-contacting type as found on powered wheelchairs and is available with 3 different knobs: ball, taper and standard plus switch (shown in picture). In addition a sponge ball can be fitted over the standard knob.

Four switches are used to operate mouse button functions left click, double click, right click and mouse speed. A fifth switch located in the top of the standard knob also operates the left button. 3.5mm jack sockets allow connection of standard switches for those who find it difficult to operate the switches on the unit itself. DragLock feature allows a user to drag without having to keep the left button pressed. Point-It! is supplied with free "TypeMatic" on screen keyboard software.
System Requirements

Windows 'XP or later. A USB to PS2 interface is available separately for £38.19 The wireless connection is via InfraRed with a range of up to 3 metres.

Indicative Price
(GBP) £465.00
This item may be VAT exempt for qualifying purchasers
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