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Grid 3
Image of Grid 3
Grid 3
Screen symbol and text communication with on-screen keyboard, web browser, e-mail, word processor.and environmental control.
Developed for those with considerable communication, mobility and dexterity difficulties and possibly cognitive learning disables as well. The Grids are so easy to adapt to suit a user that they are not age specific and can be used with many Windows applications on various communication devices.
Grids can be made for PCs and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with on-screen keyboards and for printed overlays. There is a growing range of pre-stored vocabularies that provide ready made grids to start the user off including versions suitable for Adults. There is flexibility in appearance with options for colours, fonts, picture size, cell spacing etc. to suit the user's needs. The software works with recorded speech and SAPI4 and SAPI5 voices. More computer based voices are available from Sensory such as the Acapela voices.

When communicating there is a built-in message editor for use with symbol grids or text grids to add text to the message bar. Word prediction of up to 10,000 words reduces the number of selections to choose a word and subject-specific word banks are available with speech preview of selections and auto-correction of common errors to speed text in-put.

Both text and symbol grids (using personal images, Widgit or SymbolStix) can be used to type text into Windows applications such as Word, and Windows functions can be controlled from The Grid. In-put devices include touch-screen, mouse, head pointer, keyboard, joystick or switches with multi-direction scanning. There is access to SMS text messaging, a calculator, music player and clock. Grid Importer allows you to import grids that you have made in other software and open them in Grid 3. The system works with environmental controls and has apps for surfing the web and using social media.
System Requirements

Windows Windows 7/8/10 - download 60 day trial

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