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CallTalk - Communication Symbols
Image of CallTalk - Communication Symbols
CallTalk - Communication Symbols
Picture, word and symbol grid software for communication support using a Windows device.
CallTalk is designed for users who are expected to achieve adult literacy, and makes use of pop-up windows with the symbols or pictures to create grammatically correct sentences. The designers state that it is also suitable for those who can cope with rapid selection, and is aimed at users who are expected to move on to literate methods of communication.
This CD has 740 grids and the complete Widgit Symbols or PCS Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) library. There is another CD available with Communication Overlays for Engineering Training Environments which has 880 grids in 4 levels designed for young adults with learning difficulties.

These grids are part of a larger system developed to work with The Grid program or WordWall which allows the user to transfer ideas to other word processors such as Micrsoft Word. CallTalk is also used with Mind Express
System Requirements

Windows 'XP or later Avaliable for download from

Indicative Price
(GBP) £264.00
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Shareware Version
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