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Roger inspiro transmitter with iLapel microphone
Image of Roger inspiro transmitter with iLapel microphone
Roger inspiro transmitter with iLapel microphone
Portable loop system with channel selection flexibility for moving between rooms.
This FM transmitter has a wireless teacher microphone specially designed for educational establishments, excursions, guided tours, conferences and meetings. It is compatible with all Phonak hearing aid equipment. It is suitable for all those who have wide range of hearing difficulties who require clear speech in situations where other extraneous sounds cause problems or the speaker is some distance away.
The transmitter has a channel selector with LCD digital display, a microphone which monitors sound levels and adjusts automatically. The microphone cable can be stored within the transmitter and the box has connection jacks for TV, video recorders and radios. There is an exchangeable rechargeable battery with battery status indicator in the LCD display. The device also monitors data about the users and system status.

The Roger inspiro transmitter is compatible with all Phonak FM receivers which means that it can be used with most BTE hearing devices and cochlear implants. Price given is for the transmitter with microphone.
54 by 24 by 82mm approx. Weight: 78g.
Indicative Price
(GBP) £468.00
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