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Communicate: Ideas
Company:Widgit Software Ltd
Web Address:
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Communicate: Ideas
Description:Mind mapping with symbols and images to help generate ideas.
Purpose:This program has been developed to allow those who have problems with reading and writing the chance to generate ideas in a visual way using symbols. It can be used with switch access and scanning software.
Features:The outcome of this program is similar to most other mind mapping programs but instead of a word representing an idea at the end of a branch you can add a symbol or image - both can also have words shown or just words. Different coloured branches can be used and symbol and font sizes changed to suit the user.

Large or small maps can be made with sounds, web pages and videos added to make the whole experience more multimodal.
System Requirements:Windows 'XP or later including Windows 7/8
Indicative Price:£66.00
(This item may be VAT exempt for qualifying purchasers).
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Tactile 2 
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Communicate: Ideas is rated 2.40 out of 5

Rating: 2.40 out of 5
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