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Roller Joystick II
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Roller Joystick II
Description:Adaptable joystick with guard for cursor and pointer control
Purpose:This heavy duty joystick with guard is ideal for those who cannot use a trackball or mouse and can be adapted to suit the user's needs. It caters for a degree of tremor and poor coordination as well as other mobility difficulties. A t-bar or large sponge ball can be interchanged with the joystick.
Features:A cost effective and robust joystick for general desktop use but it can be mounted as well. Different handles can be made and button preferences altered. It is designed for PC (serial or PS2) or Mac and has a USB option. Traxsys also offer a latching drag switch and cursor speed control version of the joystick. Penny and Giles have changed their name to Traxsys
Dimensions:Width 139 x length 225 x height 95mm inc guard.
Indicative Price:£214.80
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Skills Required
Memory 2 
Tactile 2 
Visual  3
Level 1 - Minimal skill required
Level 2 - Moderate skill required
Level 3 - Good skill required

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