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Tactile Protractors
Company:Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
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Tactile Protractors
Description:Three protractor types are available, the Circular protractor, Semi-circular and the learning protractors.
Purpose:Designed for blind students to learn and use during geometry lessons and when working alone.
Features:All the protractors are made of shatter-proof plastic, with visual and tactile markings. Each protractor is supplied with a set of chart pins, a location sleeve and easy to follow instructions. The yellow ones cost £5.70, the clear ones from £2.88, and the one semi-circular white protractor is made of rigid PVC with raised graduations on the face side and printed black sections and does not come with any extras. It costs £1.44
Dimensions:Circular Protractor Diameter: 150mm by Depth: 40mm; Learning Protractor Diameter: 150mm by Depth: 40mm; Individual White Semi-Circular Length: 125mm by Width: 65mm Weight: 0.028Kg; other Semi-Circular Protractors weigh 0.083Kg
Indicative Price:£5.82
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Skills Required
Dexterity 2 
Memory 2 
Tactile 2 
Level 1 - Minimal skill required
Level 2 - Moderate skill required
Level 3 - Good skill required

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