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Mind Express 4 communication package (MindExpress)
Image of Mind Express 4 communication package (MindExpress)
Mind Express 4 communication package (MindExpress)
Communication software that allows for the building of grids for AAC devices
This is a communication package which offers the building blocks for symbol vocabularies to be developed to suit individuals who have speech and language difficulties. It is used with Techess communication devices such as the Tellus.
The software is very adaptable and versatile allowing the user to develop grids for symbols, pictures etc in many ways and it includes Real Speak voices. A large range of vocabularies can be used such Bliss, SymbolStix and the Sclera symbol libraries which are freely available with the software. Other symbols such as Beta, PCS, Picto, ARASAAC ,Picture This and Widgit Symbols can be used and personal images can be added and adapted to fit with grid displays

The software also offers agenda functions, integrated media player, control of Windows programs, multiple symbols in one cell, email, text messaging, symbol and word prediction and many other components to help the AAC users.
System Requirements

Windows 7

Indicative Price
(GBP) £578.40
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