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Aria - Braille Palmtop
Image of Aria - Braille Palmtop
Aria - Braille Palmtop
Portable computer with 6 Braille keys, space bar, 8 function keys, 5 cursor keys and speech output.
Personal organiser and word processor for those who use Braille with comfortable in-put keys and voice feedback.
The software programs include a word processor, clock, calculator (scientific and financial), diary, telephone directory and file manager. The Aria can be used with a modem to connect to the Internet with e-mail facilities. The voice output which can be adjusted to suit the user's preferences.

The Aria will take an internal memory card or external disk drive for extra storage at additional cost and has many additional accessories. External ports include PCMCIA, printer, serial and headphone.
220 by 100 by 27 mm. Weight 550 grams includes internal rechargeable battery.
System Requirements

Processor 80C188 (CPU), ADSP2105 (DSP), Memory 1 MByte non-volatile RAM, 2 MByte FlashROM, Flashcard-extendable to 64MByte
Memory card PCMCIA Type I (1 slot). Parallel printer port, serial port (RS-232), headphone connector

Indicative Price
(USD) $999.95
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