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Freedom communication software
Company:Gryphon Software Corporation
Web Address:
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Description:Freedom requires mouse clicks and minimal mouse movement in allowing individuals to type and select phrases to be spoken.
Purpose:Freedom is a HyperCard stack that provides a talking communication board intended for people with mobility, dexterity and speech difficulties. It is a free program, easy to use and provides basic speech support with an adaptable set of screen based communication cards.
Features:This is only for use on older Macs but works well for basic text to speech. The Hypercard stack can be used with built-in row-column scanning or direct selection with the mouse. Users can compose messages from an alphabet board or store entire phases. The program takes advantage of the Mac OS Speech Manager software for text-to-speech output
System Requirements:Mac OS 7 or later with Apple Speech Manager and HyperCard Player.
Freeware version available
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Hearing 2 
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