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Listening: Musical Listening Test
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Description:There are 30 pairs of tunes in the test that can be listened to with mouse or keyboard activation. Each pair is exactly the same or slightly different. The short piano pieces assess ones ability to hold a tune in memory and pick out minor differences on listening to the second version. Then you need to press the same or different button and press play to go to the next tune. Auditory sequencing and short tem memory skills are involved amongst other skills including musicality! Your score out of thirty is provided at the end of the test. This is a research site from University of Newcastle and you can register to take part in the project.
Level of Difficulty:Moderate

Levels of difficulty give an indication of the user skill required:

  • Easy: Does not require a great deal of thinking or computer skills.
  • Moderate: Requires a little thinking or reading and moderate computer skills.
  • Difficult: Potential to be harder with increased computer skills.

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